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Welcome to Soul Tarot

About Soul Tarot

Welcome!  If you are looking to feel more centered, grounded, and in touch with inner truth, you've come to the right place. If you are looking for encouragement, confirmation from your soul, and guidance, I'm confident I'll be able to help you.

I've been doing intuitive readings for friends, family, sometimes random strangers for nearly two decades.  One of my greatest intuitive/psychic teachers, Sonia Choquette, taught me many ways to tune in and to trust my vibes and guidance.  Now more than ever, it feels right to offer my intuitive gifts and guidance to other soul seekers.

I started Soul Tarot in April of 2020 as a way to bring uplifting light and inspiration to a wider circle at a time when the world feels shaky and uncertain for so many.  My hope is that our time together will help you feel more grounded, safe, and in touch with yourself.  Through your reading you will also learn how to tune in more and connect with your own inner guidance that is always available to you.  

It is an honor that you are here, and I look forward to connecting with you very soon.  

With Love and Light,



Virtual Readings

Choose the type of reading that speaks to your soul right now.  

(if you're not sure which spread to choose, take a deep breath in and trust the answer that comes.)

You can also pick a custom reading which will allow us to spontaneously pick the right spread together in the moment.

Also, feel free to chat with me via the live chat or send an email)

If you are in the Metro Chicago Area and would like an in-person reading, that can also be arranged.


The Diamond

This reading will help you:

  • find clarity on a specific situation in your life right now

  • the inner and outer influences

  • ideas for you can resolve it

  • insight into the higher purpose of this situation in your life

The Key

This reading will help you:

  • Uncover what you may be repressing

  • Reflect on the masculine and feminine energies and influences

  • Learn what to focus on in meditation to help create more joy and good vibes in your life

  • Provide higher insight into your body, heart and being

  • Arrive at greater consciousness and understanding

Image by Jen Theodore
Fortune Telling Cards

The Celtic Cross

The most traditional tarot spread of all, this reading will help you:

  • Uncover hidden aspects around your life in the present

  • The conscious and unconscious influences

  • New and old patterns

  • What you are attracting

  • Your desires and denials

  • Arrive at a key insight and understanding​.

The Mirror

This reading will help you:

  • gain insight when relating to another (lover, partner, friend, relative, etc.)

  • discover where each person is in their own individual evolution as well as the composite energies/partnership

  • check in with your body, heart and mind

  • discover the blessings of this moment

  • understand the inner spiritual purpose of the relating

Image by Noah Buscher

My experience with Arielle was remarkable.  Because of Arielle's intuition, empathetic nature, creative thinking, and listening skills, she was able to help me formulate a more specific question than what I had originally had in mind.   By fine-tuning what I was asking, I was able to also find more compassion for myself!  Even within the question!

She described each step clearly, offered her perception, feedback and additional resources that would be helpful to me.  What I loved the most about it, (aside from getting to spend time with Arielle) was the changes I have made in my life have been simple ones.  This reading opened me up to finding joy and happiness in daily living.  

I highly recommend working with Arielle.  She is truly gifted and a gift to the world herself!

Sarah C.  Portland, OR

I got so much out of my Tarot reading (the Celtic Cross).  For one thing, it is instantly grounding to sit with you.  And for another, you are an amazing storyteller.  The way you weave story into the reading made me feel like I was sitting with my grandmother with a cup of cocoa.  Each of the cards offered an invitation to look inside and for that I am so grateful.  I do too much looking outside and despite the fact that I am a therapist, I have to remind myself too often to quiet my mind and give my heart a chance to speak.  This was my first tarot reading ever and I plan to return for more with you.  I would recommend the experience to anyone.

Marlis J. Marin County, CA

My Zen Tarot reading by Arielle really gave me clarity at a time when I was feeling lost.  I felt like I was staring at a fork in the road and didn't know which path to take for a couple areas of my life.  The reading resonated with both areas and gave me the clarity I needed.  The way Arielle applied the meaning of the cards with the specifics of my life gave me a better understanding of my right course of action.  I highly recommend the reading if you are looking for clarity on your purpose and direction in life.

Juliet J. Fairfield, IA

I left my reading with Arielle feeling seen.  She was so professional and yet I felt so connected with her.  Even thru the screen, she was so on point and in-sync with what was going on.  The reading was both insightful and encouraging!!!  The clarity was exactly what I needed to make it thru this pandemic!

LaSheena W. Evanston, IL

Arielle has a true gift and presence that allows you to settle into receiving her wisdom, guidance and insights.  I felt very seen and keenly understood through her reading of the cards.  Not only was the reading spot on in terms of what my true self needed to hear, but her heartfelt support gave me Comfort and a belief that I was on the path to true freedom to resolve my challenges.  Give yourself a gift and get a reading from Arielle.  She’ll brighten your day and enhance your understanding of your inner world.

Barb C. Boulder, CO

Arielle is a gifted and intuitive card reader.  She helped me think deeply about the questions I am asking and provided insight to help me reflect on what came out in the reading.  She is thorough, patient, and inquisitive and created a powerful container for me to explore issues that are central to my life right now.

Sarah B. Chicago, IL

Arielle is very intuitive and her energy is so warm and supportive.  After the tarot reading she did for me, my energy really shifted.  I felt light and energized and was back in the flow after feeling kind of "stuck."  She has a natural talent for really finding the insights and wisdom the cards can offer.

Lara G. Aurora, Colorado

I felt compelled to share I had a tarot reading with Arielle and it allowed me to connect with internal wisdom I was blocking.  It also revealed information I was avoiding, in denial about, and blinded to.  It painted such an accurate picture--as it always does, the cards never lie!  It helped me clearly connect with the impact of my query and it shed light on my path forward.  Arielle's insightful interpretations were spot on!  She creates such a warm, loving safe space for the reading.  One day later, I feel so much lighter and I have a clarity and sense of faith that is flowing through my whole body!

Silvana T. Northbrook, IL

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